In-Person Events

AVS has been in business since 2010, providing audio, visual, recording, broadcasting and live streaming services. No matter the number of attendees, size of the organization, or type of the event, AVS has been consistently supporting in-person and hybrid event production.

Our staff has also helped facilitate large conferences and trade summits. During the conferences, we’re responsible for event audio, so all participants can hear keynote speakers, presenters, and organizers as well as supplying visual capabilities for presentations.

audio visual services in-person events

We helped produce small family gatherings where we’re asked to provide audio services to better hear well-wishers or weddings so the wedding party can hear the vows. We’ve live-streamed the events to family members and friends who weren’t able to participate in person.

We’re able to supply you with the event technology you need to facilitate a successful event.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy Brown and his team on a recent event. AVS executed the hybrid event, including a web conference with multi-source presenters, simultaneous interpretation, and an in-person audience flawlessly. Their attention to detail, flexibility, and ability to change as the event evolved was exceptional. I highly recommend AVS and look forward to working with them in the future.

Mary Beth Davies

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